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Sap-Off Hand Scrub

Introducing HawgsBreath Sap Off HandScrub ~ Perfect for tired, dirty, sticky hands.

  • Relaxes fingers and wrist range
  • Enhancing Circulation
  • Hemp Oil serves as an Anti-inflammatory
  • Essential Oils often Relieve Headaces and Nausea
  • Spa Treatment at your kitchen sink ~ increase the circulation in your wrists, arms and shoulders as
    you clean.
  • Infused with Peppermint essential oils to invigorate and refresh the senses
  • Raw Sugar and Hemp seeds help dissolve plant resins and more as they strip and heal
  • Olive Oil and Hemp Seed Oil blend beautifully to replenish needed moisture
  • Non-medicated and perfect for the whole family to enjoy

Please let us know how much you Love your Sap Off HandScrub….

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