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Quality Products For Cannabis Enthusiasts

About The Hawgs Breath Company !!!

Our company was created from a passion for cannabis and our family’s Southern California-born sativa strain, original Hawg’s Breath.

We offer an array of products for cannabis lovers. If you are a farmer, a smoker, or both, we have something that will make you want to roll one up.

Our soft, warm Hawger clothing helps you wear the lifestyle you love living. T-shirts, hoodies, socks, dab mats, hats, and more.

Our Sap Off is a non-medicated peppermint and sugar scrub that helps renew and recharge hard working hands. Gardeners and farmers will love how it removes even the stickiest plant resin and stubborn dirt.

Our Leaf Love products use Mother Nature’s perfect plant to help you decorate your space and express your love for maryjane. Mason Jar mood lighting, wreaths, and more are perfect for special events, trade show decor, party favor containers, home decor, floral containers, gifts… the possibilities are endless.

Please explore our website and visit us when we are out in the community at local events.

Team Hawgs

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